BookKeeper - development and implementation of cloud business automation systems.

The BOOKKEEPER team gathered the leading experts of Ukraine in the field of in С# .NET и VB .NET software development, based on Microsoft Azure or local hosting.

The rich and unique experience allows the company's specialists to successfully implement effective solutions in development of dynamic ASP.NET web applications with the operational use of data, integration of .NET applications with other systems using the SOAP / REST API, creation of web services for class libraries, applications and services for Windows and Android.


Progressive technologies

Creating of adaptive ASP.NET Web-applications in С# (C Sharp), or VB + SQL, or any other database using ADO .NET, AJAX, JSON / XML, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3.

Local or cloud hosting

Preparation and implementation of .NET applications both on the basis of local hosting and Microsoft Azure cloud solution at the request of the customer.

Multiplatform solutions

Development of solutions for use with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, IOS.


The company "BookKeeper SaaS" develops and maintains a number of projects. Below you can see those that are already in operation:

Online accounting BookKeeper

BOOKKIPER is a convenient online accounting service for individual entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses. The innovative product allows you to quickly compose transactions and calculations, as well as submit online reports from any modern device. A clear interface does not require professional knowledge either in accounting or IT. Online service, implemented to meet the current needs of entrepreneurs and enterprises of various tax systems, available to a wide range of users. Therefore, it is the first Ukrainian instrument of accounting organization for individual entrepreneurs willing to independently compile and file accounts.




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